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Chicago Premiere at the Midwest Independent Film Festival
Swee’  Pea Classic
Lloyd was a Triple Threat.  Here are four consecutive trips down the court while making a comeback in 1991.  He’s slowed by bullets, but still has a Midas touch.   *the third play is vintage Swee’ Pea. – music: Phil Quinaz, footage: courtesy Mark Argenziano
We’re psyched to announce our distribution deal with Saboteur Media!  Stay Tuned for a March 9th release!
We’re psyched to announce the awards we’ve won on the festival circuit.  We hope you enjoy the film as much as the critics! 
Director Benjamin May (left) won Best Director at the beautifully curated Victoria TX Indy Film Festival #VTXIFF!  To the right is producer Daniel B Levin.  
WE ARE FUNDED! We made our target! We’ve raised over 50k for our film. Thank you so much to everyone who pledged, shared, tweeted, liked!! But, the campaign isn’t over yet! It ends tomorrow at 12 noon CST. If you haven’t pledged yet, do so now because nothing is set in stone until the campaign...
Awesome half-time report about Swee’ Pea’s comeback. Please help us finish this film. Pledge now by CLICKING HERE !!  
Ron Naclerio on what young Swee’ Pea was like to coach. Please this campaign. We need to make our target or we lose everything and we have only 6 days! It takes less than sixty seconds. CLICK HERE 
Michael Rapaport, who we bumped into at a game Lloyd was coaching, tells it like it is. Please make pledge now to our Kickstarter campaign! CLICK HERE
In yesterday’s video, you saw Swee’ Pea coaching at Barclays. This is another day, pre-game, where he expresses frustration with some of them, the ones who are overrated basketball players and think they’re too cool for school. In Lloyd Daniels’s day, it wasn’t like that. Back then, legends were legends. Tom Konchalski and Keith Glass,...