About the Film
The Legend of Swee' Pea
The Legend of Swee' Pea

Director: Benjamin May
Starring: Lloyd Daniels, Bobbito Garcia, Tom Konchalski & more
Runtime: 80 minutes
Distributor: Saboteur Media

A “mystical understanding of the game” made Lloyd ``Swee' Pea`` Daniels a New York City basketball legend by the age of 16. Christened the “next Magic Johnson”, his career effectively ended at age 21 after being shot 3 times in the chest after a tussle over $8 of cocaine. The Legend of Swee’ Pea follows the twists and turns of fortune in the life of a basketball prodigy: his dramatic downfall, miraculous comeback, and, finally, the bittersweet confrontation with a life imperfectly lived.


Past Festival Screenings:

Atlanta Int’l Film Festival

Big Sky Documentary Film Festival

Duluth-Superior Film Festival

deadCenter Film Festival

Flyway Film Festival

Julien Dubuque Int’l Film Festival

Las Vegas Film Festival

Maryland Film Festival

Middlebury New Filmmakers Film Festival

Midwest Independent Film Festival

Milwaukee Film Festival

Minneapolis-St.Paul Int’l Film Festival

New Hampshire Film Festival

New Hope Film Festival

Portland Film Festival

San Antonio Int’l Film Festival

Packed Screenings in Milan and Bologna!
Chicago Premiere at the Midwest Independent Film Festival
Swee’  Pea Classic
Lloyd was a Triple Threat.  Here are four consecutive trips down the court while making a comeback in 1991.  He’s slowed by bullets, but still has a Midas touch.   *the third play is vintage Swee’ Pea. – music: Phil Quinaz, footage: courtesy Mark Argenziano

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