Swee' Pea Classic

Lloyd was a Triple Threat.  Here are four consecutive trips down the court while making a comeback in 1991.  He's slowed by bullets, but still has a Midas touch.   *the third play is vintage Swee' Pea.

- music: Phil Quinaz, footage: courtesy Mark Argenziano  

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the aura of a street legend

In yesterday's video, you saw Swee' Pea coaching at Barclays. This is another day, pre-game, where he expresses frustration with some of them, the ones who are overrated basketball players and think they're too cool for school. In Lloyd Daniels's day, it wasn't like that. Back then, legends were legends. Tom Konchalski and Keith Glass, who were lucky enough to see him play as a teenager, discuss his unique aura and the transcendent talent that made him a legend.

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Sunday Night.

A funny thing happened on Sunday night.

But first, some background. Dan Levin is The Legend of Swee' Pea's DP and producer. His first film was Captured, a documentary about Clayton Patterson and his extensive documentation of Lower East Side culture and happenings from 1979 to the present day. Clayton has the kind of footage of the LES that you never get to see (seriously: the man was on Oprah!). You can watch the movie here:http://www.capturedmovie.com/

Now, about Sunday night. Clayton Patterson, the subject of Dan Levin's first documentary, was strolling through the LES with his camera as he is wont to do. And who should he stumble into? None other than the man of the hour, Swee' Pea, the subject of Dan Levin's current documentary. 

The pic below is the meeting of two documentary subjects, one in front of the camera, one behind. NYC is a big city that can sometimes feel like a small town.

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Vegas at Night

Our footage of Swee' Pea strolling down the strip in Las Vegas is cool. The only problem was making it look natural. Unfortunately, when you're a weird-looking 6 foot 7 dude, you get a lot of people stopping in their tracks with their mouths hanging open. I mean, look at this scene. This is Las Vegas on a SATURDAY NIGHT, and there is Swee' Pea, strolling down the strip like he's parting the Red Sea.

Biblical references to Swee' Pea and Las Vegas abound. David Chesnoff told us in our interview with him that when Lloyd came to play for UNLV, "it was like the second coming."

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The "Hole", Brownsville

"The Hole," Brownsville. When we went here with Swee' Pea, he said that back in the day you would never, ever have seen it empty. Check out our trailer on Kickstarter in which Swee' Pea and his uncle Gary say, "If you wasn't from here, and you won, you couldn't get outta here!"

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Two Legends

We took Swee' Pea to Las Vegas to film him in the place where his career was brought to a sudden stop (getting busted in a crack house by police will do that to ya). But most importantly, we brought him to Las Vegas to film his reunion with Jerry Tarkanian.

Tark is a rare breed, one of very few who fully embodies what it means to be "A Good Man." He was a brilliant coach, but he--and his entire family, I might add-- took a personal interest in the welfare of the kids he coached. He was especially concerned about kids who, without basketball, had no other chance in life. One such kid was Lloyd Swee' Pea Daniels.

Tark is now very old and has suffered many strokes. He has difficulty speaking. But when he tried to explain why Swee' Pea was such a special player, such a transcendent talent, words were not necessary-- you could see it all in his face. And when Swee' Pea walked into the room, he lit up like the sun just shone on him.

Swee' Pea looks up to Tark as a father figure, and it was hard for him to see Tark so feeble. Under Tark's direction, UNLV was the most prestigious college basketball program in the country, but Swee' Pea's arrest almost single-handedly brought down the program and ended Tark's career as a college basketball coach.

But a few years later, Tark became head coach of the San Antonio Spurs. And this, my friends, is how Swee' Pea managed to miraculously make it to the NBA. And it really was a miracle. 

First of all, there are very few players in the NBA who come straight from nowhere. Usually, you enter the NBA through the rigorous training of the college basketball circuit. Swee' Pea had never even played a college basketball game-- the police sting at the crack house happened only two weeks after he moved to Las Vegas. 

Secondly, the man made it to the NBA after he had been: 1) shot three times in the chest; 2) had remnants of bullets still lodged in his chest 3) spent years smoking crack.

So, behold! A still from our movie of the reunion of two legends to start your Wednesday.

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Animation Concept

I love this sketch of Swee' Pea that our animator, the epically talented Kelsey Kuno, did! It perfectly captures Swee' Pea's struggle with the dark side. Bugs Bunny it is not!

In the artist's words:

"Lloyd Daniels has an almost ethereal quality in the way that he moves on the court. There is no doubt that he has incredible talent but his story runs much deeper than that. I wanted the concept for the animation sequence to highlight both the beauty in his athletic skill but also to expose the darker mythic quality underlying his story. It wouldn’t be an honest representation if the animation didn’t at least attempt to visually acknowledge Lloyd’s inner demons. Those demons are the same dark tensions that exist within us all."